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AMI N°11/13/IDA/UCP/C (launched on june 10, 2013)

Madagascar: Studiesto assess the options ofdisposal of the illicit stocks of rosewood and ebony

Loan No. IDA 4965MG

1.      The Republic ofMadagascar wishes to elaborate and supervise an action plan to dispose of illegal stocks of rosewood and ebony and, to this end,has decided to use the funds available under the Additional Financing (AF) to the Third Environmental Programme Support Project(EP3) of the International Development Association (IDA) to carry out three technical studies. The precious woods steeringcommittee, presided by the Prime Minister and responsible for the elaboration of such an action plan, will supervise the executionof these studies, which include:

a.       A legal study, to analysethe pertinent national and international legal framework relating to the illegallogging of rosewood and ebony in Madagascar, andrelating to commercial law, forfeiture and confiscation, and to abandoned property, appealand dispute; to identify the legalreforms required to implement an approach for the seizure and disposal of illicit stocks of these precious woods; and to providelong-term recommendations to improve the Malagasy legal framework and eradicate illegal logging.

b.     An inventory and labelling feasibility study, including a costand benefit analysis of the various techniques to help the Government of Madagascar select the most appropriate method of carryingout the inventory, labelling and securitization of stockpiles of precious woods, including the identification of stakeholders, andensuring traceability of logs in an open, transparent manner that takes into account the local context. The study should considerparameters key to determine the most appropriate technique, such as log volume, weight, grade, location, condition, and natureofownership.

c.       A disposal feasibility study, to help the Government ofMadagascar select the most appropriate method to dispose of precious wood stocks, based on a robustcomparison of costs, as well as an analysis of the pros and cons of the various options suggested. The task includes guidance on stockpile management, an evaluation of thelong-term impacts on forest governance, risks of money laundering and options to regulate the wood export sector in general. The study will produce a budgeted planwith income projections (in the case of proposed sale), costs and TORs for consultants and implementationarrangements.

2.      All three studies will take into account the local realities of Madagascar and draw on international best practices in otherareas suffering from illegal trade of fauna (for example ivory, rhino horn) and other commodities. Specific experience on illegal trade of timber or wildlife is desirable but notessential. All three assignments are expected to be completed by August 2013 and will require extensive fieldwork in Madagascar,and possibly abroad (Mauritius orComoros).

3.      The ProjectCoordination Unit (UCPE) now invites eligible consultants to indicate their interest in the provision these services.  Interested consultants must provide informationindicating that they are qualified to perform the services (including, but not limited to, their brochures, the description ofsimilar assignments, as well as the availability of appropriateskills among staff). Consultants may associate to enhance theirqualifications. If a firm has the capacity tocarry out more than one study simultaneously, they should indicate this in their response. While each proposal will be individuallyevaluated based on technical adequacy, preference will be given to firms that are able to carry out more than one study to enhancethe interconnectedness of these issues.

4.      For each study, theTeam (but not necessarily each individual member) should be fluent both in French and English and should consist of at least of thefollowing experts:

                   i.            For the legalstudy: an international legal expert, specialising in environmental law and international trade ofstolen assets; a national legal expert, specialising in the Malagasy stolen asset and recovery legislation (knowledge on forestrysector a plus) with appropriate expertise in civil law, criminal law and trade law; an international law enforcement specialistwith experience in identification, seizures and prevention of trade in contraband goods; an economist to analyse the potentialeconomic impact of any proposed changes in legislation;

                  ii.           Forthe inventory and labelling feasibility study: an international law enforcementspecialist with experience in identification, seizures and prevention of trade in contraband goods; an experienced commoditytracking specialist; a mapping/teledetection specialist, an economist to evaluate budget planning;

                iii.           For the disposal feasibility study: an international law enforcement specialist withexperience in identification, seizures and prevention of trade in contraband goods; a trade expert, specialising in the trade iftropical timber and/or precious woods; an economist specialising in the trade of protected species.


5.      Consultants will beselected in accordance with the procedures set out by the World Bank in the "Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants byWorld Bank Borrowers" (January 2011).


6.      Interested consultants may obtain further information relating to the reference documents at theaddress belowduring office hours: 8:00 to 16:00 hours.

 7.     Expressions of interestmust be delivered to the address below, by the 13th of august 2013 at 12:00 o'clock.

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                                                                                  Antananarivo,24th of july 2013

[1] The term "WorldBank" refers to the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) or the International Development Association (IDA)